TechCrunch Engaged in Google Search Spamming?

After Penguin update, we were sure that Google has got more than 90 per cent success in making the search spam free and user friendly, but now I don’t think so. There is still need to do more to kick spamming.

TechCrunch Engaged in Google Search Spamming

Searching “Why Google’s Larry Page lost his voice? Where is he?” may land you on the mountain of spams. Just after searching this term go to 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th page of the search engine, you will find something unusual.

Just sometime back, when I got the news that Google CEO Larry Page was not available to an important meeting as he lost his voice following his mysterious illness. The main fact is he’s still untraced. But, what prompted me to write this post is, I went to Google searching the phrase “Why Google’s Larry Page lost his voice? Where is he?” But the search results were shocking.

TechCrunch Engaged in Google Search Spamming1

The spamming continues. tried to get version of TechCrunch editors, but we are still to get any response.

The spamming starts on the sixth page when you search the line “Why Google’s Larry Page lost his voice? Where is he?” On this page, last three results you find come from FriendFeed and it contains links of

Interestingly, when you go to the seventh page of the search site, you get the whole page planted with this link. Again on the eighth page the result is same. The spamming continues on ninth and tenth page of the Google search.

I don’t know much about the issue, but I would like to know the answer about it. Is this spamming was done by TechCrunch or there is something wrong with Google algorithms.  I tried to get the version of, but yet to get any response.

I would request readers to comment generously on this issue.


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