Recover from Google Penguin Update Penalty- 5 Tips

Since Google Penguin Update was launched earlier this year, several webmasters complained dropping traffic. Some blogger friends experienced losing more than 50 per cent of web traffic. If your blog was affected lately by the Google’s recent algorithm update, this article is for you. In my last article I had disclosed how Google blacklist a blog in 4 steps after penguin update. Here are 5 tips by following you can recover the Penguin penalty.

1. Remove Copied Content

If you are using any copied or plagiarised content on your blog, just remove them. Plagiarism is a major issue on Internet and those websites using copied content were severely hit by the Google’s recent update. Keep only unique posts on your blog to stay in Google search. Read my articles 3 useful tips to write a niche blog post and how to start blogging and get success for the ultimate ideas for generating unique content.

2. No Keyword Stuffing

You should remove the tag clouds from your blog, because it has been seriously taken in the Penguin update. Say big NO to keyword stuffing, like putting keywords everywhere in your article. SEO experts suggest you to put keywords in the headline, opening paragraph, body of the article and later in the closing paragraph. Google advices you to write article for your readers, not for search engines and it clearly means that you must avoid keyword stuffing in your content. I would suggest you to repair your articles, if you have doing keyword stuffing from long, because, until and unless it stopped, Google won’t rank you.

3. Remove Paid Links

You may have earned a few dollars for the paid links, but you are losing lots of organic traffic by practicing it. I would suggest you to remove paid links immediately, if you have any. Google has several tools to identify paid links. The reason is; a link buyer, who buys a link on your blog, targets other similar blogs too, selling the same link. Finally it becomes suspicious enough and Google acts.

4. Say No to Link Buying

Your blog is not only penalised for having paid links but Penguin update targets it for un-natural back-links too. Don’t buy links for the sake of your blog. If you are doing so, just stop it as soon as possible. Now such websites, with huge back links and targeted keywords in the anchor text experienced losing traffic. If you don’t get links by natural way, no SEO expert can help you. Try to get back-links by natural way like guest posting, article submission and blog commenting.

5. Keep Less Advertisements Above the Fold

Your page layout has been affected too with the recent algorithm updates. Keep less advertisement above the fold of your blog. Blogs with several advertisement banners have been badly affected lately.

Image Credit- SEO-Hacker

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