Improve Alexa Ranking of Your Blog in Easy Ways

Have you ever heard of Alexa? I’m not sure about new bloggers, but the established webmasters and bloggers must have heard of Alexa. is owned by Amazon Inc. of USA and it collects data of more than 30 million websites of worldwide analysing browsing history and behaviour. On the basis of the collected data and back-links, it provides ranking to websites.

Improve Alexa Ranking, Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is believed to be the most trusted source of ranking in web world. If you want to know the ranking of your website, just log on to Put your domain name in the box and click search. By doing this you will be landed at the next page that provides you the details of your website’s traffic rank, reach, page views, bounce rate etc. In this article, I will let you know about boosting Alexa ranking of your blog.

How to Boost Alexa Ranking of Your Blog

Be Regular at Writing

Being regular at writing is the first and foremost challenge to improve your blog ranking in Alexa. Sometimes, a blogger do begin writing for his website, but for some reasons he’s not able to keep consistency intact and the website starts to suffer. If you want a good ranking for your blog at Alexa, you need to take writing and publishing your new, unique and original posts on regular basis. Alexa makes sure the relevancy of your content and domain by users browsing behaviour, so share only useful and quality information with them.

Keep Your Content Unique and Original

I would suggest you to keep your content unique. If you have hired writers, just pass their content by CopyScape. But always mind that passing the writings by CopyScape is not always enough. You should be careful producing error free article, at the same time, make sure that whatever you are going to publish, will be helpful to your readers. Or your readers would like to read and share them. Keep your sentences short and meaningful. Whenever you post a valuable article, you will find readers flocking to your website improving your ranking in Alexa.

Get Quality BackLinks

Alexa ranking depends very much on quality backlinks your website gets from others. For instance, when you search about any website in, you find out every detail of the website, like what is their ranking, how many backlinks they got and from which websites. There are many ways to get quality backlinks. By writing guest posts, blog commenting, forum posting and distributing press releases you garner multiple backlinks and those are useful in getting not only Alexa ranking but Google PageRank too. Google’s search or its web spiders are based on backlinks. The more quality backlinks you generate, the better you ranked in the Google search results.

Get More Traffic to Your Blog

This is the ultimate way to get your Alexa ranking boosted. With the increasing traffic, you get the Alexa ranking of your website improved. Besides, quality backlinks, consistency in writing, using unique and original content, Alexa ranking depends on your daily visitors too. If you get more and more visitors daily, your ranking get boost accordingly.

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