Get Quality BackLinks- 5 Easy Way

by Santosh Mishra on July 20, 2012

Without building a web of quality backlinks your WordPress blog never get recognised. Your blog’s success mostly depends of your ability of garnering backlinks. After Google Panda and Penguin update, the SEO techniques have seen a lot of changes. Those SEO techniques which were proved as ‘killer’ in 2011 are now futile and out of date.

How to Get Quality Backlinks

In fact, Google wants its users to get quality and up-to-date search results. Gone are those days, when a spammer ranked well in Google. Now the web world seems to be free of spam. There are many ways of getting backlinks these days. You can do guest blogging, blog commenting, social networking and submitting press releases to websites generating backlinks from there. Always try to increase search engine ranking and Alexa ranking depends on backlinks and traffic. Here are some top secrets of successful blogging and getting quality backlinks.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an easy and proved method of getting quality backlinks. You should write to webmasters of top ranked blog, if they could allow you to write a guest post on their blog. With this act, you garner a backlink to your blog. You may generate a little traffic or it may not be fruitful in the short run, but it has an added advantage in the long run. When Google crawler starts crawling your website it clearly gets that how many backlinks your website has. Second benefit of guest posting is you get exposure. You should ‘cash in’ the moment by replying to comments on the website you wrote blog post for. But before start for guest posting, I would suggest to choose the websites wisely. Go for the high ranked websites in Alexa as it will give you an edge on others. Read my article Top Benefits of Guest Posts- How to Dominate Web World for more details.

2. Get Connected to Web Forums

In order to get exposure in the web world, you should get connected to web forums. You get various tips and guidelines by visiting forums. Forums work as a help centers for bloggers, so don’t miss this opportunity. Search Google about forums relating to the topic of your blog. You can just sign in and submit an interesting post that will create a thread. I would suggest not spamming the forum, because owner may blacklist you or remove your account from there.

3. Submit Press Releases

Make a press release about your blog or services and submit it to PR websites. There are hundreds of press release websites. Sometime, you need to make an account there submitting it to them. The practice not only gives you traffic but quality backlinks too. The backlinks you get from press release sites are useful.

4. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another way to get quality backlinks. I would suggest you to comment on those blogs, which has blog posts similar of yours. If you write useful comments with your views, a webmaster is bound to accept it and publish it. I would suggest you to write your opinion about the topic when you go to comment. By commenting on certain blogs, you can make relationship with the website owner. This is the great opportunity but webmasters or bloggers hate spamming, so don’t go overboard stuffing keywords or your comment will be trashed.

5. Social Networking

Social networking is another proved method to get quality backlinks. I wrote in one of my blog post How Facebook Page Helps You in Blog Branding. These days Facebook, Twitter and some other social networks have been integrated into Google search giving them edge over you. If you search about a person in Google, the result may some Facebook as well as Twitter profiles, it does mean, if you work boosting your Facebook profile, you will ranked in Google search. In fact, your Facebook and Twitter profile hold the domain name of your website or blog and when someone search it appears on Google easily. But be aware about 5 Things You Should Never Do on Facebook.

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