Android, iOS Apps- Making Weight Loss Journey More Enjoyable

by Maitri Sen on September 28, 2012

There is a good news in store for all those LOSERS by weight! Android phones and i0S have come up with the latest apps, which will now enable the weight loss programs to be more effective and more interesting. We know that weight loss has always been a boring task for all.

People execute routine exercises, more like a ‘duty’ rather than enjoying it. Finally they become fed up of the routine diet regime and exercises. They just thirst for a CHANGE and this change is brought you by the latest models of the Android phones and i0S.

The struggle for maintaining a fit body and owning those curvaceous figures has always been a dream for every human being. But slogging out in the gyms and different slimming centers endlessly, have made it exhaustive and lifeless for the weight losers.

Following are some of the free apps, which can make weight loss more interesting and something that can be looked forward to-

1. BMI Calculator (Free)

BMI Calculator calculates the entire Body Mass index of a person and it also provides you with an added feature of the calculation of waist-to-height ratio. This gives you a snapshot of what should be the ideal weight and measurements as per the age and height of the person.

BMI Calculator


2. Noom (Free)

This app, proudly presents a scientifically coated weight loss regiment. Nothing can beat the passion for games. Using this as a USP, it uses a game oriented strategy to attract and encourage the users to get involved in it completely. It displays your workout progress, your weight loss position and helps you in maintaining a log book to keep a track of your daily meals. It also keeps you linked on Twitter and Facebook.



3. Fooducate (Free)

This app basically gives you a thorough understanding about the nutritional value of different foods available in the stores and in the markets. Which food is beneficial and which is not is advised by this apps.


Android |  iOS

4. Diet Assistant (Paid and Free)

This app gives you an array of technologically oriented advanced features like database backup, restore, personalized alerts and a home screen widget.

Diet Assistant


5. Diet Point (Free and Paid)

This app is considered to be the largest mobile forum for weight loss. BMI and BMR calculations along with meal reminders are also linked with this app.

Diet Point

Android | iOS

6. My Diet Coach (Free and Paid)

This app centers completely on women and provides ‘ease’ and motivation in a flexible way.

My Diet Coach


7. MyFitnessPal (Free)

It provides a database related to food. It also summarizes your entire day’s intake and keeps a count of calories required for the body per day.


Android | iOS

Thus we can say that, even weight loss has advanced in leaps and “POUNDS”!

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