5 Steps to Blogging: How to Become a Successful Blogger

by Santosh Mishra on June 25, 2012

Starting a Blog is easy, but making it successful is not a cup of tea for everyone. If you satisfy your readers with good and informative content they need, you may term it a Blogging success. Getting lots of traffic and making huge money is only possible when you build a relationship with your readers. I’m discussing here top 5 steps to become a successful Blogger.

Reputation Building

Building your own reputation in Blogging is needed to become a successful Blogger. The best way to build a reputation is by becoming an expert in one particular subject or topic that you may be interested in. If you are a writer, architect, painter, scientist, food expert, psychologist or a doctor, then it will help to present yourself as a specialist of that field and you can stick to that topic. In other words, be sure of what you are writing and become an expert, so as to lend credibility to the content of your posts. If you are not an expert, develop your expertise by reading, studying, researching for a few months and ensure it that you have got enough confidence to write about it. I’ll tell you to make policy to set up a standard for yourself and see that you stick to it. Consistency and regularity of your Blog posts are important.

Be Regular and Consistent

If you want your Blog to be noticed and indexed by the search engines, then you need to make sure that you post content at a regular frequency do not stay away from your Blog for a long period of time without updating it. In case of taking a break from writing, you can inform your readers by writing a post of notice that you will not be available for sometime.

Be Original, Say NO to Plagiarism

Be original when you write and say NO clearly to plagiarism. Search engines could ban your Blog or domain if they find out any plagiarised content. In fact plagiarising content or content theft is a punishable offence in the internet world. Search giant Google takes it seriously and it may suspend your Adsense account after banning, blocking or suspending from the search index. Be unique and develop your own style of writing. In case, you quote a passage or lines from a website or a Blog, then make sure that you mention the source and provide a back link to the article.

Say NO to Controversies

You shouldn’t be controversial but unfortunately it seems to rule the roost these days. It has also become the fastest way to fame and fortune, yes, it is very easy to attract the attention of the masses by writing on a controversial issue, as people have their own opinions and like to voice them strongly. But make sure not to become controversial, because controversies don’t allow you to move in long run. You get some popularity in short term but this gimmick may be harmful in future.

Don’t Use Capital Letters

Using capital letters in a headline or blog post is not a right way to attract your readers. Bloggers generally use capital letters to stress a word, but in internet world writing in capital letters is equivalent to shouting, which is not seen as a polite thing to do. Instead you can make the world or sentence bold.

Best Tips

Whenever you write piece, just think yourself as a reader and by doing this, you will be judging it better that what a reader wants from a Blog post. Maker sure that your idea appeals your reader, if it doesn’t appeal you, how it can appeal to a reader!

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