15 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Your Website in 2012

Till sometime back, I didn’t know much about WordPress, but with the launching of this tech blog, I came across the power of WordPress blogging platform. WordPress software is supported by some really useful plugins that work behind the scene helping the website running smoothly.

In my last blog post I wrote about installing 10 best WordPress plugins just after launching your blog. In this write up I’ll deal with this subject in detail as this time, I’ve come up with 15 must have plugins that give power to this blogging tips website in 2012.

WordPress Plugins Used in SantoshMishra.com

1. WordPress SEO- Want to make your WordPress blog SEO and Google friendly, then you can go for this plugin. It helps you improving your WordPress SEO. Write unique content, create better titles and block duplicate pages.

2. Redirection- This plugin is useful if a website is linking to a non-existent page of your blog or you have changed the URL of an existing post. You can use it if you are changing the directory of your WordPress installation or migrating pages from a previous blog.

3. WP-Paginate- WP-Paginate plugin not only makes navigation of your website easier, but it helps Google crawlers finding deep content on your website. Besides pages, it can be used to paginate post comments too.

4. Search Regex- Now finding and replacing any kind of data stored on your WordPress website has become easy. This plugin comes powered with functions of searching and replacing data to WordPress. Now search and replace data like meta data, post titles and comments.

5. WordPress.com Stats- If you want to see the stats of your website right from the WordPress admin panel, this plugin may be helpful to you. However, I do use Google Analytics to check the stats of my website, but this plugin is still relevant.

6. Smart YouTube- This plugin helps you embedding YouTube, Facebook, LiveLeak, MetaCafe and Vimeo videos easily to your WordPress blog posts. It is user-friendly as it adds automatically the thumbnail of embedded video in the RSS feed.

7. Google XML Sitemaps This plugin allows you to let know Google about the pages of your website. Install this plugin and Google and other search engines will be starting crawling deep pages of your blog.

8. Auto Post Thumbnail- Creating thumbnail may be a tedious for you when you post an article in your website. This plugin is so useful that it generates thumbnail automatically from an image used in the post. If you have used 2 photographs in your blog post, it would pick the first picture to create thumbnail.

9. WP-DBManager Safety of a website is prime issue these days with the increasing hacking practices. With the help of WP-DBManager you backup your WordPress database manually. It can repair, restore and optimise your database as per requirement.

10. NexGen Gallery- This helps you creating a picture gallery in the pages of your WordPress blog or in any post. You can add one or more galleries with the help of NexGen WordPress Gallery.

11. All in One SEO Pack- This plugin is useful to make your website SEO friendly. It creates meta description, title tags by itself when you publish a blog post to your website.

12. Share This- If you want to share your content online on several social media platforms, you may use this plugin. Now with the help of Share This, sharing your post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms has become easy now.

13. Broken Link Checker- Broken links may be a nightmare to your SEO practice. This plugin helps you not only determining broken links, but missing images as well. It can be edited too.

14. Comment Luv- This is a new plugin being widely used to make a fruitful community. It helps you making a community. Once a reader makes a comment on your blog, he may add a links of his blog post. It’s useful for a blogger who wants to get a backlink.

15. WordPress Mobile Edition- Want to make your website user friendly for a smartphone user? This plugin helps to create a website better to be used via iPhones or other smartphones.


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